Page 5 - Fortessa 2022 Commercial Foodservice Catalog - 05-19-22
P. 5


                                          We know how important care and handling is to your operation and the life
                                          of the product. We want your products to last and perform wash after wash.
                                          For a quick reference for the best care and handling practices, look for the
                                          below symbols.

                                          Want more detailed information regarding care and handling? Contact
                                          customer solutions, your sales representative, or check out our in-depth
                                          care and handling guides, which can easily be downloaded, printed,
                                          and posted for your associates

                    oven safe             heat resistant                 last page
                    up to 400°              up to 212°                    viewed

           dishwasher               handwash
              safe                     only
                            microwave                do not                       table of
                               safe                microwave                     contents

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