Page 4 - Fortessa 2022 Commercial Foodservice Catalog - 05-19-22
P. 4

Our flagship brand,
                                   FORTESSA , reflects our                The sound of
                                singular goal to deliver quality         toasting with
                                  dinnerware and flatware             ZWIESEL Glas is the
                                  to culinary professionals           unmistakable sound
                                    and at-home chefs.                 of true hospitality.

                                       Cloud Terre  x                    ZWIESEL Glas
                                        FORTESSA                        Handmade offers
                                     brings a bespoke                  the perfect setting
                                      approach to the                  for the best wines
                                     tableware industry.                  in the world.

                                       Crafthouse by               Schott Zwiesel offers quality
                                    FORTESSA  provides            and sustainable design at the
                                       all the tools to           highest level, where tradition
                                    create dramatic and            and innovation merge into
                                    distinctive cocktails.        the finest premium products.

                                     FORTESSA Basics
                                    delivers design and
                                    value, comprised of              Steelforme  bridges the
                                    creativity combined               gap between fashion
                                   with leading strength            and function with stylish
                                      and affordability.             presentation solutions.
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