Page 3 - Fortessa 2022 Commercial Foodservice Catalog - 05-19-22
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                               Some of our happiest memories are born around the table—shared
                               stories, good food, and warm laughter. It’s what we were founded on in
                               1993, and it’s what we believe in today.
                               While abroad, our founders fell in love with a surprising find: European
                               ceramics. Enamored with the beautiful porcelain, their entrepreneurial
                               spirits  carried them home to  their garage  in Pittsburgh, where they
                               began directly importing it to the U.S.

                               Building one relationship at a time, FORTESSA TABLEWARE SOLUTIONS
                               began by selling direct to customers, changing the way tableware
                               products were distributed. And as relationships became friendships,
                               products became passion. Dedicated to creating the most durable and
                               unique products, we began working globally with factories to develop
                               cutting-edge designs.

                               Driven by a love for shared meals, our company was built to bring
                               exceptional tableware to market. It’s our belief that business should feel
                               as easy for customers as it does to enjoy dinner with friends. The name
                               FORTESSA—derived from the Italian word for strength, forte—reflects our
                               pride in quality products and lasting relationships.

                               Over 25 years later, we value food and friendships just the same. Whether
                               it’s an eight-course meal or a cup of coffee, every moment matters. Our
                               passion for shared meals is behind every thoughtful design and unique
                               product we craft. FORTESSA is proudly found in over 80% of all 4 and 5
                               star hotels in the U.S., in thousands of restaurants worldwide, and in just
                               as many popular retail locations.

                               Our aim is to inspire moments around your table, both big and small.

                               We are FORTESSA TABLEWARE SOLUTIONS, the difference between a
                               meal and an experience.
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